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They say it takes a village to raise a child and many of us are grateful for the opportunity to bring up our children in such a nurturing community where children are supported and valued. Access to a variety of programs and services help families to grow, learn and play together.  Wholesome fresh produce grown locally and a clean environment make the Creston Valley a healthy place to live. Our warm climate, the wide fertile expanse of the valley, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and mountain scenery make it an ideal place for young families and grandparents alike.

Who We Are

The Creston Valley Early Years Team provides a forum for individuals and interested groups to work together to address the importance of the first six years of a child’s life. Our Team’s mission is to promote healthy early development for Creston Valley families through a network of community partnerships. We work with and support many organizations in our community.

What We Do

The goals of the team are to increase awareness and participation in quality Early Childhood development services and programs; to increase community partnerships that can improve services for young children and families in Creston; and to advocate for quality Early Childhood development in our valley.

Additional Information

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